Installer Linux sur ordinateur UEFI

Windows 8/10 + Ubuntu

Pour booter en mode UEFI, le DVD ou la clé USB Linux doit :
– avoir une table de partition au format : GTP
– une partition FAT32 sur laquelle doit se trouver une version Linux 64 bits
(utiliser Gparted + UnetBootIn)

We first need to know with what type of motherboard options we are dealing with.
Open a terminal (By going to the start menu and typing powershell for example) and run the terminal as an Administrator (Right Click the app that will show in the start menu and select Run as Administrator). Now type Confirm-SecureBootUEFI. This can give you 3 results:

  • True – Means your system has Secure boot and is Enabled
  • False – Means your system has Secure boot and is Disabled
  • Cmdlet not supported on this platform – Means your system does not support Secure boot and most likely you do not need this guide. You can install Ubuntu by simply inserting the LiveCD or LiveUSB and doing the installation procedure without any problems.

If you have it Enabled and have the necessary partitioning done then we can proceed with this guide. After booting into Windows 8 we go to the power off options and while holding the SHIFT key, click on Restart.

UEFI et Linux :

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